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The Sustainable development of agriculture. The arable land in the world is limited,but the limited land has to

sustainthesharp increasing population in water shortage situation.Under the circumstance of these main livelihood issues, fertilizers become more important in securing the food yield. The traditional methods of tillage and fertilization makes the average utilization of crops to fertilizer is only about 20%, resulting in the waste of large resources, especially phosphorus, its utilization is only about 15%. In addition, a large number of unused fertilizers aredrained to the river, which helped the rapid growth of blue-green algae and causeds serious environmental problems. In the next 10 years, water will be more precious than the fertilizer.Water-saving agriculture is imperative. It is the only way for the sustainable development of the global agriculture. Traditional fertilizationlow efficiency has seriously wasted water resources. While water soluble fertilizer can help the crops absorption utilization rate reachas high as 80% by irrigation or water flushing. The water consumption of irrigation is below half the traditional one. Water soluble fertilizer and water-fertilizer integration industry has a broad development prospect. Our products in future will be focused onimproving the qualityand consummating the structure of the water soluble fertilizer products. At present, we can provide various water soluble fertilizers including phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, etc. We can also produce customized water soluble NPKs according to the soil properties and crop categories in different territories. In the field of fertilizer, we insist our strategy that "We only produce water soluble fertilizer".

Youren’s strength:

1- Rock phosphate processing technology
Youren has its own R&D in rocks floatation technology. Raw rocks (P2O5-23.35%, MgO-5.48%) can be purified into refined mines (P2O5-30.84%, MgO-0.6%). The extract rate of P2O5 can reach 88.59%, abscission rate of MgO can reach 92.88%. With our advanced techs, normally the low grade rocks P2O5 content can be leveled up from 20% to 32%-35%. The low cost floatation will strongly enhance the resources utilization rate.

2- Deep purifying techs of wet processed phosphoric acid.
The wet process is based on organic solvent extraction method. Phosphoric acid can be dissolved in organic solution, while other impurities do not resolve, hence phosphoric acid can be purified. Hot process: rock phosphate—heated—Yellow phosphorus—oxidation—hydration—phosphoric acid. The yellow phosphorus costs about 15200kwh/mt.Youren’s purifying phosphoric acid results in a very competitive production cost in phosphate salts. The purified wet processed PA cost is 30% lower than hot process PA cost.Our technology has broken through the choke point of deep processing for wet processed PA.

3- Core burning technology
The main content of core is carbon, but there is also impurities like sulfur and nitrogen. Hence the burning of core will mainly provide effluent pollution of SO2 and NO2, as well as CO and dust. After desulfuration, the SO2 pollution from core burning will be controlled and protect the atmosphere. And when the core is sufficiently burnt, CO and dust emission will also get reduced

4- Waste water recycling techs
Zero liquid waste,
Supported by the provincial
EPA(environmental protection agency) finance


price trend

K:domesticpotashmarketcontinuestohorizontalfinishing.Portoffermaintainprophase,whiteRussia,2100-2120yuan/ton,grain,2080-2150yuan/ton,thered2000-2060yu ....

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