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trisodium phosphate anhydrous

code 7601-54-9
standard HG/T2517-2009
chemical formula Na3PO4
formula weight 380.12
shape Colorless to white crystalls or crystal powder
effect:In the chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, power generation industries, used as a water softener and laundry detergent in boiler scale inhibitor, paper dyeing water softener, glossy paper production of ph buffer by adhesives, printing and dyeing fixing agent, the fabric mercerizing enhancer, make line brittle resistance agent. Metallurgical industry used as chemical degreasing, decontamination, used as a good promoter of photographic development solution. Teeth cleaner and detergent bottle opener. Rubber milk coagulate agent. Sugar juice purifying agent. Phosphate in food processing quality improvement, such as keep the meat in meat products are water-based, improve and focus on the action such as, in order to reduce the loss of nutrients in meat and tender to preserve meat. Also used as emulsifier in food processing, nutrition supplements, quality improver. Is a raw material for preparation face consumption of caustic soda is also used in sugar refining and alpha starch manufacturing. Also used as a food use detergent bottles, cans, etc.
storage:25 kg, 50 kg in plastic woven bags outside packing. Sealed, moisture, dry warehouse.
Adding thermal process phosphoric acid reactor, in the neutralization reaction liquid caustic soda, mix slowly generates trisodium phosphate, the cooling crystallization, centrifugal separation, drying, twelve water trisodium phosphate was finished.


price trend

K:domesticpotashmarketcontinuestohorizontalfinishing.Portoffermaintainprophase,whiteRussia,2100-2120yuan/ton,grain,2080-2150yuan/ton,thered2000-2060yu ....

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