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calcium ammonium nitrate

code 15245-12-2
standard NY2269-2012
chemical formula 5Ca(NO3)2·NH4NO3·10H2
formula weight 1080.71
shape This product is a white round granules.
effect:A new high efficiency compound fertilizer containing nitrogen and phosphorus calcium, applied its fast, has the characteristics of rapid filling nitrogen, increased the calcium, the nutrient is more comprehensive than ammonium nitrate, plants can absorb directly; Provide water soluble calcium, can improve the plant resistance to disease and can cause beneficial microbial activity in soil, can reduce the concentration of the active aluminum at the same time, reduce the number of active phosphorus fixed, this product is a neutral fertilizer, small physiological acid degree, have improvement on acidic soil. After the into the soil ph value is small, does not cause soil harden and can make the soil become loose. In the economic crops, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other crops, the fertilizer can prolong flowering, root, stem, Ye Zhengchang growth, guarantee the brightly-colored fruit, increase the fruit sugar. Is a kind of efficient environmental protection green fertilizer.
storage:25 kg, 50 kg in plastic woven bags outside packing. Sealed, moisture, dry warehouse.
Ammonium nitrate and limestone powder on 60:40 of the proportion of mixed melting, useful also dolomite (a mixture of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate) and ammonium nitrate.


price trend

K:domesticpotashmarketcontinuestohorizontalfinishing.Portoffermaintainprophase,whiteRussia,2100-2120yuan/ton,grain,2080-2150yuan/ton,thered2000-2060yu ....

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