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dipotassium phosphate

code 7758-11-4
standard enterprise standard
chemical formula K2HPO4·3H2O
formula weight 228.22
shape White crystalline or amorphous powder. Soluble in water, aqueous solution is slightly alkaline. Slightly soluble in alcohol. Has the water absorbability.
effect:Used in boiler water treatment, medicine and fermentation industry used as phosphorus, and potassium regulator, bacteria culture, is a raw material for manufacturing potassium pyrophosphate can be used as a liquid fertilizer. Ethylene glycol antifreeze corrosion inhibitor, also can be used as a feed supplements, used as starter cultures in the food, seasoning, raising agent, buffer, mildly alkaline agent of dairy products.
storage:Inside the plastic outside, bags of 25 kg net each. Easy absorption of moisture, ventilation, prevent exposure.
And phosphoric acid was prepared using caustic potash solutions, also can with potassium carbonate solution first and phosphoric acid, caustic potash solution is used after neutralization.


price trend

K:domesticpotashmarketcontinuestohorizontalfinishing.Portoffermaintainprophase,whiteRussia,2100-2120yuan/ton,grain,2080-2150yuan/ton,thered2000-2060yu ....

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