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Sodium Hexametaphosphate

code 10124-56-8
standard HG/T 2519-2007
chemical formula (NaPO3)6(Mr≈611.77)
formula weight 611.7704
shape Transparent glass sheet or white powder
effect:Mainly used in boiler water softener, printing and dyeing, dye bath water softener and paper diffusion agent. Also used for corrosion inhibitor, flotation agent, dispersing agent and high temperature binder. Used for washing utensils and other chemical fiber is used to remove the iron in the pulp. Also used for soil analysis.
storage:25 kg, 50 kg in plastic woven bags outside packing. Sealed, moisture, dry warehouse
Sodium dihydrogen phosphate method Sodium dihydrogen phosphate by water heating to 110 ~ 230 ° C, respectively, to take off two crystal water and water structure, further heating to 620 ° C and dewatering, the melt being generated, and aggregated into sodium hexametaphosphate. And then discharged from 650 ° C production when cooled to 60 ~ 80 ° C, after smashing sodium hexametaphosphate was finished


price trend

K:domesticpotashmarketcontinuestohorizontalfinishing.Portoffermaintainprophase,whiteRussia,2100-2120yuan/ton,grain,2080-2150yuan/ton,thered2000-2060yu ....

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